Fiction o’ the Irish

My major project for the day was yet another display, this time featuring Irish fiction! Now, I kept it pretty simple, printing an Irish landscape for the sign and mounting it on foam core. I also cut out some paper shamrocks and stuck them on the shelves in order to catch the eye a little more effectively. I realize I didn’t stray too far out of the box with this idea, as it’s basically celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, but I still had a bit of fun with it.

I’m no expert on Irish fiction, so I simply did a subject search in our catalog for “Irish fiction” and pulled anything that didn’t look too dated. While I was in the process of putting the display up, a patron approached and expressed delight. She then proceeded to tell me that the master of Irish fiction is William Trevor, who, she said, is pretty much the forefather to all the other authors I had included. I’ve never read his work, so I couldn’t disagree or disagree, but I thanked her for her input. I was just happy that my display was already attracting some attention.

I have to admit, though, I’m looking much more forward to my next display, celebrating National Poetry Month and promoting the series of poetry events that I’ve been planning for April. My head’s brimming with ideas!

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