Create & Innovate: Giant 3D Snowflakes

We have a small group of teen regulars at my library who are hardcore crafters. When I took over/started helping out with teen programming, I started a monthly crafting program called Create & Innovate (that’s edgy, mature and modern right?). Each month I plan either a specific craft or go very general and open the craft cupboards and let the teens go at it.

This month’s craft was giant 3D snowflakes. My Youth Librarian made these with her K-5th grade after school kids, but I thought teens would enjoy making them too. All that’s needed is paper (I had an assortment of colors), scissors, glue (or tape) and staples.

This tutorial on Youtube was super helpful:

I only had a few teens, but they enjoyed the craft. We even had the local newspaper come by and take a photo. Eight inches of snow had just fallen the day before, and he was looking for something non-weather related to print…ha!

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