Books for Dummies

If you dug through my past posts, you’ll know that another part of my job I enjoy is putting together displays. Displays are a perfect way to promote items in the library’s collection that may not get attention otherwise. This week, I decided to feature our “for Dummies” books!

At my previous library, we had four spaces for displays and they were left up about a month. We had to sticker all the books we pulled for the display and change each item’s shelving status so people would know where they were – this was a lot of work. Here, I typically change out displays every two weeks or so. With a display like this, I can just wander through the stacks, pull titles, and have a display up in minutes.

Right now, we have a table at the top of the stairs that’s the first thing you see on the second floor. I’m working on getting a shelving unit put there instead, though, because I like the face out display a little better.  However, the “Books for Dummies” display has only been up for a couple of hours, and I’ve already over heard a couple of comments on it. I’m glad it’s catching patrons’ attention!

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