Hot Ghoul Summer!

Some of the best ideas are borrowed, right? For my August display, I borrowed an idea from friends at Lawrence Public Library and pulled some chilling YA reads for the hottest days of summer. And since I love a good pun, I borrowed their title too. Thus, “Hot Ghoul Summer.” All credit should go to their Book Squad!

I’ve been wanting to use Canva’s glowing font for a while, and thought, since I didn’t want to make this too Halloween-y (since that is only a few months away), the neon pink was perfect. One of my coworkers made the ghost figures out of cheesecloth and liquid starch for a previous Halloween and enthusiastically suggested I use them.

I pulled mostly books about haunted houses, ghosts, and spirits, but didn’t leave out some undead friends like zombies, vampires, and other creatures. The last couple of displays I’ve put up in the teen area haven’t moved very quickly, so I’m hoping this will catch more attention. We’ll see!

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